Types of Roommates in Campus

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What are the odds that during your campus years you’ll live alone? Very few. Whether you are living on campus or outside the school, you are most probable to share your living space with someone else. It is not easy but hey, you don’t call the shots here.

Along the way, you will meet all sorts of people who will be your roommates. Some can turn out to be lifetime friends but others, well. Below is a list of people you are likely to find as your roommates especially in Kenyan universities.

  1. The Drunk

The DrunkThis one doesn’t know the difference between weekdays and weekends. They are DDOs. There are different types though: those that won’t bug you when drunk; the ones who come in at 3 AM; those who keep saying they are not drunk; and those who keep asking if they’re drunk… the list is endless. Just cross your fingers to find a good drunkard…or no drunkard at all.

  1. The Snob

With this one, the first days you can’t differentiate if she’s on her period because of all the moodiness or just that she loves spending time alone. With time, however, you accept her as she is. Talking to her feels like walking on eggshells. She doesn’t have lots of friends but she seems to have her shit sorted out.

  1. The Church Girl

Churhc GirlEvery Friday while you guys are planning on going out, she always has something ‘churchy’ to do: CU, Kesha or just some hangout with guys from CU or YCS. Almost all her friends are from YCS and they flock your room from time to time. Their jokes are modest and they are holier than thou. At times they will hold Bible Study (or BS as they like to call it) in your room.

  1. The Neat Freak

Neat FreakThis one spends like half of the semester cleaning. She does her laundry like twice a week and is obsessed with the cleanliness. Chances are you don’t have to clean your room when you have such a roomie, lucky you.



  1. The One Who Thinks Everything is for Sharing

Can’t find something of yours? don’t tense, it’s not lost. She ‘borrowed’ and somehow forgot to return. She doesn’t have a sense of boundaries and it can really be annoying. The best way to deal with this one is locking up your stuff.

  1. The Ghost

Not Jon Snow’s dire wolf, lol. You never see this one around and you kind of wonder where she lives. She will drop in once in a while to ‘check’ her space and mostly it is with a group of her loud friends.

Editor’s Note: What type of roommate do you have? Share with us in the Comment Box Below.

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