Understanding Lilian Muli: When a Black Rose is used

Black Rose

Media Personality and Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli left her Instagram fans and followers guessing what she might have implied when she posted a photo of a black rose on her account.

The photo captioned “THE END” in capital could be meaning anything depending on the person you ask.

Some of the fans interpreted it to mean death and therefore consoled her for the loss.

Other fans believed that Lilian Muli meant that her relationship had come to an end and therefore empathized with her.

However, Muli did not come to their rescue after the photo and therefore the speculations continued.

However, we have come up with possible scenarios that a person can use a black rose as a symbol.

Rebirth or Rejuvenation

Black roses are often used to represent the end of old habits, experiences or eras and the starting of new beginnings. It can be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory.

Is there an old habit that Lilian Muli may be ‘ending’ through her black rose post on Instagram? You be the judge.

Hatred or Revenge

According to a OneHowToa black rose can be used to symbolize hatred towards the other person. When a person feels vengeful towards their enemy, they can send them a rose to refresh their enmity and feel hatred towards each other again.

Is Lilian feeling vengeful towards anyone? Is the person on Instagram? Well, we can only speculate!

Loss of Hope

A black rose is often taken as a symbol of immorality, impurity, ugliness and revenge. When sent to a person, it often signifies no hope, no return and final farewell. This symbolizes goodbye, no hope for any communication in future, and no return from a perilous journey.

Why would Lilian Muli lose any hope? Is it symbolic for her colleague facing murder charges? Too many possibilities.

A Black Rose Symbolize Tragic Love

While a red rose symbolizes romantic love, a black rose is never given to a significant other in a romantic relationship because it embodies tragic ending to that particular relationship.

Not only a romantic relationship, it can also symbolize an ending to a friendship, career or even idea. So, when you send this rose to a loved one, it can be taken as a symbol of death of your relationship.

Well, here there are many possible scenarios for Lilian Muli. What did she actually mean with the black rose on her IG with “THE END” caption?

Death and Mourning

In most cultures, death is referred and often associated with black. The news outlet explains that black roses are “included in funeral processions to grieve the loss of a loved one.” It is thus not unusual for a mourning person to post such images.

To whether Lilian Muli is mourning the death of anyone is everyone’s guess.

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