Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

UNKNOWN SUFFERING: The happy girl that was not so happy

Starting today, we will run the inspiring story of resilience and determination as shared by Eunice Victoria Omollo. This is a story of suffering unknowingly; losing almost everything but the determination to be great; recollecting and aiming for a better tomorrow. The story is told in Victoria’s own words. Be inspired…

By Eunice Victoria Omollo

My name is Eunice Victoria Omollo. I was born a happy little girl. I loved people. My mum says when people came to visit usĀ or when she came back from work, I would welcome them with all my heart. To add to that I asked them whether they needed me to get them water. I also got them a pair of slippers in case the floor was too cold for their feet. I was a very sincere, generous, and happy Soul.

When I started going to school I started feeling different. Children would beat me. Most of them did not want to play with me. I said or did things they did not like It made me sad. Because of that I did not perform to the standards set so I had to repeat pre-unit thrice, which affected my self-esteem because that meant I was stupid.

When I was about 8 I also started feeling different at home. I would make silly mistakes, I had no understanding of attention to detail. So, my siblings also noted and treated me the same.

By 12 I had had enough I was abused everywhere; at home on the roads at school till I got used to it. I thought that that was how life was meant to be. I never cared how anyone treated me anymore I focused on just being alone.

Stupid “Ofuwa”

When I became a teenager, I noticed that there are days I preferred just locking myself in my room. This was most of the time. My dream was to win awards and make a speech somewhere in the United States of America. I wasn’t good at anything, so any award was okay.

I also noticed being organized had never been part of my life I hated doing chores. Most of the time I would be beaten for it called stupid ‘ofuwa’ or lazy. I never affirmed such because I knew I wasn’t stupid or lazy. I tried to help in chores occasionally I was not consistent, when I tried harder would get bored them half way.

Other students would see so much that I couldn’t see mostly the negative sides such as getting easily angered and sometimes I would be sad, other times I was scared. This made me an easy target. Well some students were extra mean which made me to totally exclude myself from people. I remember in High school during the breaks I would lock myself in the washrooms till I heard it was time for class. This still helps me in situations I feel overwhelmed by people or in cases I sense rejection, or just when I get an anxiety attack.

In 2010 I signed up for Facebook I added people to be my friends I had so many friends for the first time. I was so famous I tried out other social media I still love social media. In fact, I have a professional diploma in Digital Marketing now. But I never knew that not everyone was a good person, so people took advantage of me.

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