UoN, KU Favorites to win #CampusBattleKE: Campus Magazine Poll


The University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University have been voted as favorites to win the inaugural TCLM Twitter University Championship.

According to a poll by Campus Magazine, The University of Nairobi was voted as the favorite university to win. Of the four universities that proceeded to the semi finals, 60% of those polled indicated that The University of Nairobi would win.

Other universities that proceeded to the finals are Egerton University, Kenyatta University and Pwani University. 40% of those polled by Campus Magazine indicated that Kenyatta University were the favorites to win the competition.

Egerton University and Pwani University did not get any vote of confidence from the people who participated in the poll.

However, the University of Nairobi did not proceed to the finals as it was floored by Egerton University. Kenyatta University on the other hand managed to prove the confidence of the pollster by flooring Pwani University to proceed to the finals.

The finals will now be between Egerton University and Kenyatta University.

The voting for the finalists will start today Monday 17th June 2019 and is expected to last for 48 hours. Voting for the finals will start at 17:00hours and end on Wednesday 19th June 2019 at 17:00hrs.

Keep it The Campus Lady Magazine to know when the voting starts.

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