Use the Lecturers’ Strike as an Opportunity to Plan your Future

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The thirty-one public universities in Kenya are currently undergoing an uproar of the lecturer’s strike which doesn’t seem to have its solution coming through since it’s now a week since it began.

I remember the last time this happened I found myself having to get options to utilize my time aside from the regular learning that goes on in the University since it had almost come to a standstill. I thought of how much time I would stay idle waiting for the lecturers to resume teaching and I would not imagine so much time would go away just like that.

I was not sure if I would do something meaningful but I tried anyway. During that time I read and finished one “Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have come across this book and read it I am sure you already speculate the kind of message I want to pass across to the undergraduate students awaiting graduation.

At closely the same period I came across another book by the same man ‘Why “A” Students Work for “C Students and “B” Students Work for the Government’. This was the period I literally put myself in the category I belong and analyzed all that comes along with the environment of work in my case working for the government.

A Graduate stands by the roadside with a placard asking to be hired. Unemployment is a big issue in Africa and students need to start thinking of alternative ways of getting income after graduation

Come closer dear undergraduates, we need to seriously talk. A lecturers’ strike could be a turning point even if it’s a mental turn over. A period of one week or more in the University could see you engage in activities that will set the pace and place you will take for the rest of your life.

Keep thinking about that one unique thing about you and how you can enhance its boundaries. That one unique thing about you is what makes you. It’s what will set the difference for you from the thousands of graduates whom you will pass the stage of graduation with.

Find that difference right now when you have a break from the routine learning of the University. As I write this down am watching the lecturers walk across the streets of the Nairobi Central Business District and the song they are singing which I am sure you know is ‘solidarity forever……’ and am like.. .. .. Forever???? Seriously dear ones we need to do something.

Am not against anyone getting their rightful pay but the question I ask is will my dad sing this song and I too sing it and my son as well? Or am I really not aware of the meaning of the word ‘forever’?

I just checked and what am thinking is exactly what my dictionary is telling me. It’s time you thought of life after you take off that gown. It’s time you thought of the real situation in our country of unemployment. Am sure you have seen how many University graduates some with even first class honors carrying placards asking to be given jobs.

Have you ever asked what will make you different from these people? Remember they graduated just as you will, they write application letters just like I know you will, they walk and make calls to whoever may be of help just like you would but they had to raise the eyebrows of employers by raising those boards.

One fact I am sure of is we will be so many who will make it to that podium and be awarded our certificates and released to the world of real hustle. I already see what will be running through my mind on that day. This question, “what makes me different?”

When I came across Kiyosaki’s books I began my mental journey and a bit of physical activity about making myself different. It was during the lecturer’s strike and here we are again still a chance to be different for me and you. Don’t be like them.

Don’t just sit and wait for when the lecturers will resume teaching. Remember they are fighting for their salary increase… I repeat ‘their’ salary increase.

Come on open those eyes, see an opportunity of time here and utilise it .Do not wait for graduation to start the journey of making yourself different. It is now when you have the energy and the time. Start now.

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