Invaluable Advice to Recent Graduates from Joy Doreen Biira

Joy Doreen Biira

The graduation season is finally here and come January, recent graduates will be out tarmacking is search of internships or entry level jobs. KTN’s Akisa Wandera pointed out a now so-common issue and Joy Doreen Biira was at hand to offer advice.

However, recent times have seen many graduates becoming too choosy about the kind of jobs that they are ready to take on.

Some are not ready to start out in entry positions, others are picky when it comes to the salary that they can settle with.

Recently, KTN News Presenter Akisa Wandera pointed out the over-expectations of recent graduates seeking for jobs.

“Someone from Campus has just said she cant take up a job that pays her less than 70K. Should I tell her?” Twitted Akisa.

The tweet has drawn a lot of response from the general public who pointed out the disappointment that the student is about to encounter.

Seeming to have read from the same script, Akisa’s colleague at KTN joined the conversation a day later with a string of tweets.

“Why are young people fresh out of university reluctant to take up entry job positions? Just a piece of advice, it’s not about the amount of money a position earns you but the experience you gain. The faster you get that the brighter your future will be. Until the next one” Joy Doreen Biira tweeted.

She followed up her tweet with several others that provided graduating students with invaluable advice about job-hunting.

It’s an Observation – Joy Doreen Biira

“Also, try to find work while still in university even though it’s only training. There you meet mentors ready and willing to guide you through your career path, IF, you are willing to learn the ropes” added Joy.

However, several Twitteratis came to the rescue of the students asking for more pay at entry level jobs.

According to one students are having kids and families earlier than the previous generations.

“Older people see it as being choosy but, what can we do if the cost of living is high and we’ve got responsibilities? Entry level doesn’t cut it” added Monica.

However, Joy Doreen Biira was quick to add that “sometimes we don’t realize even the least experience can give you skills needed to start your own business. In some cases entry level jobs are the best way to show case what other skills you got – A put your “best foot forward” kind of situation for progress.”

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