Veronicah Njoroge: From an Attempted Suicide to a Flourishing Business Lady

She is only in her early twenties, born third in a family of four. Faced challenges that made her who she’s is. Does she regret a thing? No part of her life she would wish edited, the script was written from above. I am super excited to pen down a story that I need no interview to write. The story of my best friend!┬áThe zeal to rise and nurse a broken heart, move out of comfort zone and setting standards. That’s Veronica Njoroge for you!
In her own words before we kick off our interview that was full of laughter and tears, “Veronica is not just a name but a brand. I grew up with so much hate from people. This made me hate myself even more and affected my self-esteem. Everything looked upside down from my looks, height, reasoning, walking and life itself was irony. I used to sit with a mirror, cry, curse God and regret being alive. I only wished to just sleep and never wake up again but it never worked. I always woke up to a breathing human. Life was nothing but I pulled through despite!”
Brought up feeling unloved and unappreciated, Veronica Wanjiru is now a thriving business lady

After her O Levels, she joined her elder siblings in Nairobi. Life was flowing; she enrolled for computer classes and later joined college to pursue Journalism and Mass Communication. Unfortunately, she had to drop her last semester since the dad couldn’t afford school fees anymore.

Life introduced a new face after her elder sister moved out, one she had never seen in her entire life. She could go without food. Though her dad worked so hard to support her things were out of hand and he couldn’t afford enough to maintain her anymore.
“They say life is a graph. Dad called one day after sending some cash and told me to survive with little-loaned money and the statement broke my heart. That was so unlike him and something told me dad could not support me anymore. Life changed and at times I went to bed hungry. Life took a toil, I had parted with God this round, locked myself in my rented room and cried hoping for a river so that I drink the water.”
Asked how long she cried and she had this to say.
It was at her lowest moment that she became determined and started out a business journey that has enabled her to put food on her table

‘One day I visited my sister who was breaking for a maternity leave and asked if her boss could allow me to work when she’s gone and immediately I started off. The joy of feeding myself was so real. I only worked for a month and received a call from the boss telling me not to report until further notice. My heart sank, I knew the notice was to take a lifetime. Back to the drawing board and indoors as usual. My gone down mattress is a witness that I spent life sleeping. The people I held so dear waved goodbye and left me to die. They couldn’t put up with me anymore. I took a book and wrote a suicidal note but fortunately or unfortunately my time on earth wasn’t over yet. I didn’t die!”

My urge to know what happened next couldn’t wait anymore. So what did Veronica do after realizing she didn’t die in the attempted suicidal thought? ‘I began to hate my bed and kicked off the blankets. Pleaded with God to make a way and sure
“I began to hate my bed and kicked off the blankets. Pleaded with God to make a way and sure enough, He did. A few weeks later my brother who’s a graphic designer gave me a new idea of selling printed t-shirts and hoodies then sell online. I didn’t buy more time, I had no coin to either and immediately started my new business that turned me around.”
It is this time that walls paved a way and slowly life changed. At least she could put food on table, pay rent and help her dad
Is Veronica dating? I interrupt
She jokes “What exactly do you mean by dating? I was once in this promising relationship that had taken almost everything to build and a day to bring down the five years, five bedroomed bungalow. It was sad and still is but remain the best decision I ever made in life. I chose happiness over sadness and laughter over tears. I loved this man so much or so I thought or my heart; we planned for the future together and made endless promises. How I left him remains a mystery to date. I felt unvalued, unloved and betrayed but the joy it brought is comparable to none. We closed a book that had taken us five years to write. I had to cross the bridge of being loved and love myself instead and the best way I knew how. Happiness is priceless! If you find it, consider yourself wealthy.”
Veronica runs a Facebook page called ‘Veezac graphics’ where she advertises her designs and people order online. She does deliveries in and out of Nairobi town.
Parting shot? “If you want a fulfilling life, work on your mentality first. Focus on the positive things and let go negative people. God is the giver! Trust in Him always.”

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