Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

VIDEO: Police Beat, Loot and Sexually Assault UoN Students During Demo

Police Brutality Kenya

The police have once again come under sharp criticism following the way in which they handled the University of Nairobi that were demonstrating against the arrest of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

According to a story done by NTV, the police raided the university on Thursday afternoon beating and assaulting student’s indiscriminately in what Kenyans had termed as a return in the dark days of Moi presidency where students were assaulted by police under the direction of the then president Moi.

Eyewitness accounts detail the horror that students at the university were subjected to in their halls of residence, lecture halls, and even the library when the police raided the university ostensibly to deal with the demonstrators.

One student had a dislocation of his leg when a teargas canister landed and exploded on his feet.

Another student recalled attacked from his room at the campus.”Nilikuwa

“Nilikuwa hii Mamlaka B, Room 26 just relaxing there with my friend then the GSU came and broke into our room and started beating us,” recalls Simon Githua who sustained a back and hand injury from the attack.

VIDEO: Courtey of NTV Kenya

According to the students, the police acted with impunity to invade them in their halls of residence.

Videos from the scene show that the police beat the students with kicks, blows, and buttons even after the students surrendered by lying down on the ground.

Addressing the press on Friday afternoon, University of Nairobi student leaders condemned the incident terming it an infringement on the students’ human rights.

The police attacked and injured three University of Nairobi security officers who were manning the University’s main gate.

“The GSU and other external security agents are not allowed to enter the university at any time. We are very much surprised that the administration colluded with the external security to enter the university and harass the students” one of the student leaders at the presser said.

“Our students were beaten, ladies were sexually assaulted and nothing has been done so far. We are asking the vice-chancellor of University of Nairobi Prof. Peter Mbithi to issue a statement explaining clearly why he allowed criminals in the name of GSU to come into the university to loot and assault students” the concluded.


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