Vote for your favorite Mr and Miss Rongo 2018

Mr and Miss rongo constituency

Rongo Constituency has unveiled a Facebook voting page for contestants looking to clinch the 2018/19 Mr and Miss Rongo Constituency titles.

The Rongo Beauty Pageant is a Facebook page on whose timeline the contestants have been posted to amass Facebook votes in form of likes.

To vote for your favorite contestant, one is required to log into the Facebook page and like the photo of the contestant of their choice.

The auditions for the beauty pageant were held between 11th and 16th of September 2018 in which the finalists were unveiled at the Carolly Resort hotel in Rongo.

Among the finalists are 12 ladies and 4 men.

The red carpet event will go down on 19th October 2018 at Carolly Resort Hotel.

The beauty pageant has attracted contestants from across different universities in Kenya.

Rongo University most Represented

Rongo University contributed most of the contestants in the Mr & Miss Rongo Constituency beauty pageant.

A total of 12 contestants; 10 of which are female and 2 men were drawn from Rongo university.

These include 21 year-old Wendy Stella Akuku and Cynthia who are a BEd English Literature students and Elizabeth Wasonga Otieno, a 3rd year Environmental Science student.

Others include Anne Nkatha, Brenda Mercelyne and Kubasu Monette Janet who are second year Political Science and Public Administration students.

Other contestants from Rongo University include 21 year-old Sandra Awuor and Sylvia Ajula Esiromo who are pursuing degrees in Education Biology Agriculture and Fashion Design and Textile Technology respectively.

21-year-old Naomi kerubo and Odhiambo Jacinter, are equally students at Rongo University pursuing BSc Horticulture and Bachelor of Business management respectively.

21-years old Maslah Mwachizi and Michael Kyalo are the male contestants from Rongo University.

Mwachizi is an Environmental Science Student while Kyalo is pursuing bachelor’s degree in Graphic,Communication and Advertising.

University of Nairobi is being represented by Bill Clinton for Mr Rongo Constituency while Stephanie Sharon Okayo is representing South Eastern Kenya University for Mr Rongo.

Kisumu National Polytechnic is also being represented in the pageant by Tom Odiwuor.

Winnie Kagendo is the youngest of the contestants for Miss Rongo at 20 years old.


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