TCLM Study: 4 Types of Dates Campus Ladies Want for Valentine’s

Image result for african lovers watching movieA Simple Dinner and Movie at the Hostels

Bearing in mind that this year’s Valentine’s falls on a Friday, you can bet on the number of people who will leave campus for their Valentine’s dates out of campus. If you are leaving in a campus shared hostel, there is a high likelihood that your roommates will be out for the weekend. Campus ladies want you to take advantage of this and prepare them dinner and watch a movie throughout.

Nothing much. Just a simple dinner and movies at the hostels.” – Paulah, Third Year, JKUAT

There is no good places to go here so I will settle for movies throughout the day at the hostel. As long as there are snacks” – Gabbi, Second Year, Maseno University.

“Something simple.” – Valarie, Fourth Year, JKUAT