What could make your Cookie produce Odour?

When universities reopen, it is an open secret that comrades engage in sexual intercourse more at this time of the semester since this is when lovers reunite after a long break from each other.

However, most ladies feel embarrassed during these times and are unable to have or even enjoy sex with their partners due to issued to do with vaginal odour.

Biology tells us that a woman’s vagina is considered healthy when its pH levels range between 3.5 and 4.5 on a scale of 0 to 14. This means that your cookie needs to be more acidic than basic.

Once the recommended pH levels are offset, the body will respond through discomforts such as itching, redness and burning. Additionally, the body may respond through increased vaginal secretions aimed at protecting itself as best as it can.

However, some of these reactions may lead to the production of an odour that is impossible to ignore due to its difference in smell from that of a healthy vagina. A smelly vagina is likely to impact on your self esteem and ability to have and enjoy sex.

Vaginal odour can be associated with an overgrowth of good bacteria that are already present in the vagina and is commonly referred to as Cytolytic Vaginosis (CV). CV is the complete opposite of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which is an overgrowth of the bad bacteria. According to Maggie Gitu, a Marriage, Family & Sex Therapist, the symptoms of CV are closely related to yeast infections.

However, unlike yeast infection, CV is diagnosed through elimination process. It is important to note that both CV and yeast infection cause itchiness and irritation in the vaginal area, both cause redness and swelling in the vaginal area, both cause thick white discharge that does not necessarily smell although sexual activity may trigger a stronger-than-usual smell and vaginal secretion.

Treatment procedure aims at restoring the balance in the vaginal pH by making it slightly more alkaline. Maggie advises that the consumption of copious amounts of lactobacilli-containing products such as yoghurt and butter milk, you may have overdone the ‘good foods’.

This would be a case of the old adage, “too much of a good thing is poisonous.” One easy solution is to reduce or eliminate those foods until you get better.

In the meantime, avoid penetrative sex or use condoms especially if you are sore or you feel raw to the touch so that you do not complicate your situation.

As always, speak with your doctor so they can advise you accordingly, based on your specific situation.

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