What is the First thing you Notice when Meeting a Person?

Dental Care

It depends on whether they are close to or far from you. While at a distance, I definitely look at the dressing and at close proximity, it’s the Teeth!

Remember those Colgate adverts that used to urge us to brush our teeth twice a day? Come on, who does that? Hizo si ni story za wazungu au. Here we have better things to worry about.

While studying Science in primary school, we knew those lessons of brushing after every meal were not for us. The same way most things we learned it didn’t apply in our daily lives.

I brush my teeth twice a day, a tradition I started 3 years ago. I wouldn’t lie that it is easy. There are those nights you are too tired and the simple act of brushing teeth seems like digging a mine. But no matter how hard, I try to keep it up. Yes, in this hard economy where toothpaste can be substituted for salty water.

Ask any school going child what they want to become in future and the chorus goes Doctor, Neurosurgeon, Pilot. Have you heard Dentist anywhere? These average kids barely know they exist. They have the knowledge to answer the English Aid questions asking a person who treats people with teeth problems is called?

The only time Kenyans go hunting down dentists is when their teeth hurt beyond pain they can bear. By then, the situation has gone out of hand and the only treatment they end up getting is a tooth or two actually being removed!

This is what you can do to keep the dentist at bay:

  1. Brush twice daily and try regular flossing in between.

If anything, you cannot afford to miss the night brush. This is because the micro-organisms known to cause decay are more active at night after you have enjoyed your meal and your mouth is now locked with little activity. For those who sleep with mouths wide open, I apologize for exclusion. But you are not safe either.

  1. Use a good toothpaste!

Ensure the toothpaste you are using has been approved by the Dental Association. Also, check the ingredients for Fluoride as it fights decay and cavities. You cannot afford to forget a good toothbrush. Changing it every 3 months is a plus.

  1. Eat off a mouth-healthy diet.

A good nutrition that consists of whole grains, plenty of veggies and fruits and dairy products. This helps you to maintain strong teeth. It also screams out to you to KEEP SUGARS ON THE LOW!

You could prevent dental issues by:

  1. Planning regular visits to the dentist.
  2. Avoid any tobacco products which tend to cause staining.
  3. Practice tongue cleaning for a fresher breath.

Benefits of maintaining dental hygiene include:

  1. Prevents tooth decay and those ugly cavities.
  2. It keeps away the Gum disease.
  3. It saves you both time and money for dentistry visits.
  4. Keeps your fresh breath.

You won’t forget to brush your teeth at least twice daily now, will you?

And schedule that dentist’s appointment at least once or twice a year. We are the generation of change. If you’ve never met a dentist, ensure your offsprings do!

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