What Now After Graduation?

Now What After Graduation

It’s December. The long-awaited month of the year. It spells holidays, relaxation…you name it. It has been branded the month of festivities. Each day is yet another chance to relive the last party. We can smell 2018!

One of the many festivities celebrated is the varsity graduation. After four years (or however many you studied for), you are finally going to throw your hats off.

Many graduations are staged on Fridays. The granduands then take advantage to party the entire weekend away having completed the so-called system that is being replaced. Booze flows and families send congratulatory WhatsApp messages and voice notes.

The pretentious ones even call you that day yet they have never contacted you after form four. That is the only time the name of the group changes from Family of Matende… to Congrats Wamaitha!

But what next after graduation?

Will you wake up that Monday after the hyped weekend to start tarmacking for a job? Will you be waking up to run your own business? Or will you be sleeping in claiming there are no opportunities?

Is this the time you start reflecting on your campus life and regret your involvement in too much debauchery?

Since you were the peddler and all your ‘blunt’ buddies have completed their various courses and have decided to cut out weed to become family men, you are back to the drawing board.

All that money you collected from supplying bhang was used to pay the slay queens to come over in turns and have a good time. You didn’t save a penny. The little that was left from weekends, you used to purchase condoms when the government supply was running low.

And when your ‘main’ claimed she was carrying your child, you called home claiming there was a project you were running that required extra funds. And indeed there was a project.

The expert did his work on her and you two were back to going raw. No lesson learned. It’s only a few months later that the procedure will be performed once more. For years, you invested thousands into a business that isn’t yours. It expands as you also refer the boys there with a similar ‘problem’.

The problem of evading responsibility.

You are reminiscing all the pizza you and the girls devoured. Every Tuesday you were slaying at Terrific. The five of you kila mtu soo mbili. When you include fare and drinks, the rough estimate is 500, that is only if you don’t decide on ice cream after.

Sponsor ni mteja sasa. The rest of the squad is like their apps became extinct. Their Instagram accounts are drier than Sahara. We should have started a Chama aki. Kumbe merry-go-round isn’t so umama.

You want to have done more instead of partying all night all nights weekly. It deems on you that kusuguana to earn drinks in the clubs and fame at house parties won’t solve your woes.

Make sure as you graduate, there is something more to it. Don’t ship the entire village to ululate for someone who has nothing going on beyond the degree!

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