Mon. May 20th, 2019

What to expect as a fresher joining campus

Punishments, sleepless nights trying to transnight during the exam period, different funkies and contests then finally the KCSE exams marked the end of your high school encounter.

If you managed to attain the minimum grade to join campus, well ” hello!” Welcome to campus!

Update your Wardrobe

Your appearance or dress code speaks a lot about you and therefore you are expected to update your wardrobe. Find something that’s pleasant to the eye and friendly and most importantly one that is sociable. Update your wardrobe in accordance with your lifestyle . Dress codes are indeed trademarks to people.

Forming your Circles

We all receive advice and lectures from our folks and everyone else with regards to whom to befriend and whom to avoid upon joining campus. To be honest; judging someone’s personality on your first encounter or the first few meetups you have to fit your zonal circle is very tricky.

You definitely don’t wanna end up with a bunch of fake friends who will squander your HELB money and turn their backs on you when you are too broke to afford a mere lunch meal “pale mess” .

Tell you what? Don’t rush on making friends , take your time,”chuja” those fake friends and remain with time quality pals ata akiwa mmoja. It is no big deal my dear….keep in mind …its quality over quantity.

Freedom and Influence

Freedom is like the number one fantasy that comes to a first year when joining campus. Well yes, there is lots and lots of it . No bells to monitor your schedule since you get to manage your own schedule the whole semester.

If you choose to attend lectures, good for you. Different events are organized for you like “Boogie night” , “Fresher’s Night” and many more. You have weekends which most of these continuing students find it a taboo to stay indoors .

There is all this clubbing and having fun which of course we all need to experience this once in a while. However, freedom comes hand in hand with influence. If you misuse that freedom and let yourself get influenced by all sorts of stuff that pisses off parents; you have no one but you to blame.


Here’s one thing I know about ladies . I know you’ve got all this fantasy about your ideal man in your mind and you expect to meet them in campo. Believe me , you’ll meet all of them .

However, you should note that continuing students huwangojea ninyi tu! So you come get preyed on , date you , take you out and if you a party freak they take advantage of that and party you out every weekend; bills on them!

They will entertain you with all those sweet nothings, ushindishwe masleepover then before you even get a hold of yourself in that relationship – boom !! – you are dumped! So don’t get fooled my dear, hao hukuwa wamesettle na main chic zao pahali.

Mwanzo mathird year; they’ll wife you and forget all about you once they go for their attachments

However its not all of them but keep in mind majority of them . Don’t rush into relationships that have no essence.

All in all not all relationships go south especially if both of maintain that couple friendship, respect each other’s peace of mind and sparkle your compatibility who knows you might even graduate still dating your soulmate; ain’t that great!

Now that’s what I term as goals. Everything you do is your own self initiative

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