What to wear during Orientation Week

Orientation Week Outfits

Campus life does not just revolve around attending lectures and getting a distinction at the end of the four years. Fashion plays an important role in every campus lady’s life and getting your fashion right during orientation week is a good place to start. When you leave home for university, your mind is occupied by other issues about campus life that what to wear might not be top of the list… but I can assure you that it will be there somewhere. Remember that before you say “hello” to the first person you meet at the campus gate, your clothes are already saying things about you.

What you’re wearing can tell your fellow freshers’ a bit about you as a person. And if you’re feeling great in “those” jeans that hug you just so, chances are you’ll turn up to college feeling that little bit more confident too.

For some new students, orientation week is a chance to reinvent yourself, and this can start with your wardrobe. No one knows how you dressed in high school, so if you want to become a hat person, or a rockabilly, or to dress entirely in lime green, no one will know any different.

We asked a fashion enthusiasts to put together an outfit they would wear in their first week of university, and to share their tips on dressing for orientation week.

Maria, Law Student at UoN and Fashion Enthusiast

First week of college can be hectic. There is a lot of movement up and down and therefore you need something that you will be comfortable in.

Therefore, I’d go casual to blend in, an off shoulder, pencil jeans and sneakers. To add to that, I wouldn’t want to stand out for any reason in first my first week.

It is also important to be decent because there’s no need to be inappropriate while going to school. I’d advice that anyone joining campus this September can wear something comfortable, especially shoes! There’s absolutely no need to wear six inches to school during orientation week!

Another important gem I learnt over the weeks is the importance of shopping cheap. Shop cheap because as you progress through the years, you grow and your fashion sense changes, no need to buy something expensive you wouldn’t wear for a long while.

Lastly, check what the weather will be like during your semesters, so you can have the right attire.

Kiarie, Fashion Design Student at Kenyatta University and Fashion Enthusiast

It was just two years ago that I nervously started university myself. In orientation week I wanted to make an impression, without looking like I was trying too hard. But what do you wear?

You want to look casual; you’re a student after all and going to university, not a fashion show after-party.

With this in mind I chose a basic top with a black skirt. It’s an effortless combination that you could easily transform with some jewellery if you suddenly decide to go out after class with your new friends.

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Orientation week can be quite tiring though – running from one event to another non-stop – so you don’t want your feet hurting mid-day. That’s why I went for these super comfy Zara boots.

My outfit is quite simple and was at risk of looking a little bland, so I added this blue jacket for some colour, but also for some warmth. August/September weather can be tempermental, so I’d recommend carrying an emergency pair of tights in your bag.

When it comes to practicality, I’d also advise a backpack. You will probably be handed lots of leaflets and information during orientation week, as well as needing to carry books to class, so you need something with plenty of space.

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