When the Sweet Love Ends and you have to Move ON Broken!


I had a discussion with a friend of mine a couple of days ago. You already know the kind of friend am talking about if you’re a stalker or a close pal.

A friend of mine, to be precise, should have a shouting sense of fashion, a humor monger, lover of memes and always up-to-date with current affairs. Vaal (not her real name) is one such buddy.

Vaal is an undergraduate student at a renowned university in Kenya. She is pursuing a degree in fashion and design with a bridging course in mathematics in her second year.

She was lucky to have been raised by both parents. She is the only girl in her family with two siblings. Being the first born, she is more than an apple to her father’s eyes. Needless to say!

Now that you have a glimpse, let’s get back to our tale. It is a heated debate. Vaal claims that she wants to be a PROVERBS 31 WOMAN, of which I don’t disagree, but of course I have missed a point, anyway, food for thought. I don’t have a solid foundation of the bible knowledge but that can be a story of another day.

Fastening the Seatbelt

After arguing for about an hour, in between sips of MINUTE MAID JUICE(a rich source of vitamin C), I end up asking her to tell me a little about her past love life, because you know what, its THROWBACK THURSDAY!! Sounds great, right?

She now laughs. I wonder whether she has spotted some flies mating, which in most instances arouses pearls of laughter. But wait, I am wrong.

“Men! Men!! “, she says this with a colourfull authority. I think she is now mad. But again I realize this one of the guys who happened not to have skipped their LIFESTYLE LESSONS, back in primary school.

Secret Admirer.

“I am a lover of fashion. “

She pauses to ensure her point is driven home without difficulty.

She continues, “We met on Facebook. He looked sharp, handsome and social. On one of his posts, he put on this dark-wash jeans in deep indigo paired well with a white dress shirt and a blue sports jacket. He also wore nice white PUMA shoes.”

“We chatted for some time. And like normal online relationships, we exchanged numbers. I suddenly found myself falling in love with him, he always consumed my energy, left me weak and helpless. He always likened our love to long wild caravans, that always had up and downs, but always victorious. I confess, I truly loved him, on his side, I don’t know.”

Heaven Sent

They were happy thereafter. Am just here admiring how sweet this ‘courtship'(for lack of a proper word) was like. It must have been fun. Meeting the love of your life, dates and dinners, promises and vows. To Dave, Vaal was a heaven sent gift, that he would never let go, come tsunami, come tornadoes.

She suddenly changes her mood. She is now slightly shaking. I am here craving more and more. Vaal is a charming storyteller, you never get bored. She adds this spice and that juice here and there and there and the story becomes a sweet simple song.

Love turns Sour.

A love relationship comes with countless benefits. For this two lovebirds, they loved, supported, and motivated each other. They could be in bad terms once in a while but they treasured every bit of their relationship.

She composes herself, gathers the last energy left, and utters calmly, “after ten months of dating, the intensity of our love slowly decreased. Maybe had no more appetite for me, yes maybe.

“Communication was cut, silent treatment, I don’t even know what happened. He just told me to move on, tried but it was a challenge. Now I think about him, I greatly miss him. My heart is broken into pieces, but slowly healing “.

True story, you don’t need an eyewitness!

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