Mon. May 20th, 2019

Where does your favorite food come from?

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching kindergarten kids about food and well, it was a very interesting session to say the least.

I simply asked, what is your favorite and where does it come from? A few children could say that vegetables come from the shamba/ garden or kitchen garden others the grocery store or market.

However, most of the responses went something like this:

Me: What is your favorite food?
Child: Chapati
Me: Where does it come from?
Child: Flour
Me: Where does the flour come from?
Child: The supermarket
Me: Where does the supermarket get the flour?
Child: The Unga station

After getting a series of answers some more interesting than this, I went on to explain where the different foods come from. I could see the looks of disbelief and shock as their little minds tried to relate and make sense of the new information.

Relating wheat to flour and chapatti or maize to ugali; cocoa plant to chocolate was not an easy task for me. The fact that the end product looks nothing like the raw material didn’t make it any easier.

However, I was very excited during the next class as they gave me more examples of other foods and plants they are sourced from, I must say I was a proud teacher, but, we must learn and make it a habit to teach our children about food, farming and food plants.

This will not only make them appreciate where food comes from but they will understand the process behind obtaining food. They will grow up to be adults who are aware of the natural process and be champions in protecting natural resources as well as preserving cultural heritage through food.

They will grow up to cherish nature and law makers who make policies that favor the land, are preserving and not destructive. Therefore, any time you get a chance to teach a child about food tell them where it comes from and also for your case do you know where you favorite food comes from?

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