Why Brenda Wairimu shared steamy photos…it’s all about women

Brenda Wairimu. PHOTO: Courtesy

If you are on Instagram and a follower of Brenda Wairimu, then you must have come across her racy photos that she shared on her Instagram account recently.

The renown Kenyan actress who made her name on high school drama television show Tahidi High and later on family drama TV show Mali shared photos of her in lingerie on social media sparking conversations around social media and blogs on why she might have done so.

However, Ms Wairimu who is also rapper Juliani’s baby mama has come out to explain the reasons why she posted those steamy photos that caused a buzz on social media.

Brenda says the photos were meant to encourage women to appreciate their sexuality and body.

“Every time that am doing a shoot there is always a reason…. I knew I wanted to share those kinds of photos because they meant it’s good to appreciate your sexuality and even your body,” she explained in a recent radio interview.

In one of the photos, the petite gifted actress poses seductively in a white lingerie, leaving very little to imagination.

In another photo, the mother of one wore a laced, two-piece with pink stockings.

The photos, which revealed her petite frame, left many fans drooling as they attracted all kinds of flirty comments.

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