Why Campus Ladies don’t Date Campus Men

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I don’t date campus men! He must be a working class. Ever heard this famous quote from campus girls?

I know the answer is YES! Right? Mine too! Reason? No woman wants a broke guy. Let her not lie that you will strive hard to make it. You see no way God can ask the kind of man you’d prefer and answer a broke one. Now you get where I am coming from and won’t bash me. Men too wants beautiful ladies anyway!

Young men lack some spark and if any they can’t maintain it for long. On the other hand the campus girls ideal description of a working class boyfriend can keep up with the latest trends, afford expensive cologne and libido boosters. You can agree with me that if a man can afford cologne its so obvious he can spoil you with everything.

I know you will fight so hard and won’t agree with me if I say ‘material things fuels relationships.’ Money is arousing!

Sometimes back you could easily spot a sugar daddy. They drove sleek cars with protruding bodies and sly smiles. Those days such relationships were kept secret. They could hardly leave their tinted cars and therefore forced to keep their cars company while the girls went shopping and then drive back.

With time they realized young girls were uncomfortable with the bellies and decided to hit the gym. In case you wonder why I said campus girls have new titles of these working boyfriends now you have the answer.

The old men are the newest boyfriends in town. They have mastered the art and spiced their looks. They have joined social media platforms, joined fitness centers to tuck in those bellies and toned the wobbly muscles. Every woman wants to feel comfortable when walking besides a man with good looks.

I unveil to you ‘Mr Sponsor’ the newest version of a boyfriend in our colleges and universities!

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