Why it is important to know what brought you to college

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College Friends

As a university student I have realized that many of us don’t exactly know what brought us to college. This is because what we often do is contrary to expectations. If given a chance I can at least give some pieces of advice but anyway let it be for now. It’s not that we as students don’t study or don’t attend classes! We all do all these but often do them just because others do. Call it peer influence if you may like.

All of us come to college prepared and ready to learn. However, find your friends who just came for the sake of getting degrees and diplomas. They just want to get the papers because they have everything else they need back at home. Then you try to copy their lifestyle without realizing you are messing yourself up.

For instance, it’s very easy to find campus ladies just trying to follow and copy each other blindly. “If she does this I do the same.” What they don’t know is that they are leading themselves into a burning fire. Ladies, let’s be wary of the lifestyles we choose to emulate.

I had this lady friend on campus who could copy every step I took. It’s not that everything I did was good for her to emulate but she just did it anyway. You wouldn’t want to know how that all ended!

In a nutshell, people have different reasons that took them to college. Therefore don’t blindly copy and follow everything that your classmate or friend does. Let’s try to be ourselves. Let’s be assertive in our own unique way and we will make it in life.

Campus life is like a fleeting wind. Today we are enjoying it and tomorrow we are regretting of what we did or did not do in the moment. Let us uniquely take advantage of the moment to reap the best benefits.

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