Why KTN’s Mary Kilobi accepted to be Francis Atwoli’s third wife.

When jilted Bungoma politician Jack Wanami Wamboka came out claiming that COTU boss Francis Atwoli had eloped with Mary Kilobi who was his wife, the internet went wild.

However, the 34 year-old sassy KTN Kiswahili news anchor has come out to clear the air on the matter explaining why she decided to marry the 69 year-old veteran trade unionist.

Kilobi’s first encounter with Atwoli was way back in 2005, when she was at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Kiswahili. She was an intern at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) in Kampala at the time, where the union boss had come for an interview.

Six years later, when she returned to Kenya, Kilobi and Atwoli opened lines of communication and the COTU boss instantly expressed his undying love for her.

However, Kilobi turned down Atwoli’s proposal to marry her 7 years ago but the COTU boss promised to wait for 1000 years just to hear a “Yes” from Kilobi.

When asked about the age difference, Kilobi admits that it was a contributing factor to her refusal to marry Atwoli 7 years ago but she has since “realised that age should never be a key consideration in a relationship. Atwoli is that guy who is never bothered about mundane issues that sometimes break up marriages.”

“Katibu (Atwoli) is very Godly. His commitment to God really attracted me to him. I had never come across a man who fears and loves God like him. He prays every morning for all of us,” she explains.

The two are now living together in Kajiado county after Atwoli fulfilled all the luhya traditional marriage requirements and was officially handed Kilobi as his wife.


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