Why many students avoid telling their parents when in trouble

Sharing with Parents

There is some kind of fear that we children develop towards our parents. It’s evident that most of us cannot share a lot of the problems we encounter in our daily lives with our parents. This is due to the various issues within our contemporary society.

To start with ,we as children have the mentality that when we go to school and work hard, we do it for our parents. That is why we find it hard to share our ‘bad’ results with them because we think we have ruined their lives and not ours. We in fact, expect a harsh reaction from them when we perform poorly in school. We often forget that the lives we lead are ours and ours alone. If we make it in life, the better for ourselves and if we don’t it’s on us!

For example, when a student is suspended from college for some reasons, it is highly unlikely for them to tell their parents at first. Why? Because we think that upon saying this, parents will react in a harsh way which is not the case always.

We will try to find ways to prevent our parents from getting to know our issues at college. We can have the courage to share it with friends and even siblings but not parents. This isn’t good at all.

If I were in such a situation, what will probably force me to share this with my parents is lack of other options.

To my surprise after sharing this with them, they just accept it the way it is. They would probably say “Don’t worry my daughter, shit happens, just come home “. Before, I was afraid of sharing but now now see, everything is falling into place.

Share with your parents

I would therefore advice that if we find ourselves in such scenarios, instead of thinking of doing something bad like committing suicide, let’s run to our parents’ open arms.

There are many problems that we may face as youths and as student. We therefore need to take caution and avoid making decisions that we will later regret.

To our dear parents, is punishment really the solution to everything? Because not all of you will accept your children after making such mistakes. If we want the best for our children, I hope pieces of advice and teaching are the key pillars to behavior change.

For instance, I was recently reading magazines and was disturbed by alarming rate of death cases among the youths. I read about six consecutive death cases in different places. A university student hanging himself after failing to graduate here, a primary teacher commits suicide there, a young girl died while trying to abort somewhere else and many others.

It’s so painful having to lose such young people before they can make their marks on this nation. I am not sure if it is because of lack of self esteem or a system failure. However, as youths, let’s have high self esteem and be proud of who we are and where we are. This will bring a big change if done.

Our government has tried to avoid this in many ways which is wow. Like when the government creates jobs for the youths and many others.

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