Why the “justice is sweeter than ejaculation” placard may cost Meru University Comrades

Meru University

Meru University of Science and Technology students have taken student demonstrations to a whole new level. But this may come at a cost to the Evance Kidero case.

While demonstrating against the killing of student leader Evance Kidero, the students stormed Meru law courts with placards containing lewd literature that bordered on pornography.

The students expressed their anger with posters containing sexual language that did not go down well with many people.

Among those angered by the placards include the university management, courts, fellow students and the general public.

One of the placards read “justice is sweeter than ejaculation #Justice.”

Another placard read “Justice is even sweeter than p***y.”

Njoroge alias Kidero was killed by an Administration Police during students protest in early in February. The officer is facing murder charges.

The students even shared the images on social media with different suggestive captions.

Some of the captions on social media posts include “Slay kings and slay queens were not left behind in proclaiming the sweetness of justice. Viva kings and Queens. Long live the defiant comradeship spirit”.

However, a section of the students led by the outgoing student union’s chairman Wangila Wabomba did not take the sentiments well.

According to Wabomba, whatever his colleagues at Meru University were doing was embarrassing.

“I had to apologise on behalf of the acting students’ leadership on this matter,” said Wabomba additing that “the VC was furious.”

“Local media threatened to give the court case a wide berth, but I begged them not to. Local residents too were not amused,” said Wabomba.

According to the outgoing student leader, while it is okay for the students to demand justice for the fallen comrade, the image portrayed by the students was counterproductive.

“The image portrayed has eroded our course as members of the public choose to dissociate themselves with such vulgarity” Wabomba said.

“Such kind of indignity is not expected from us university students. I think they went overboard. Tell me, how does it feel when primary and secondary school students read such lewd placards? How do you expect them to perceive universities?’ posed Wabomba.

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