Why varsity students should resist radicals as student leaders

Maasai Mara University Radicals

It is a common myth that electing radicals as student is the most and best decision a comrade could ever make. This is because radicals are believed to have the best interest of fellow students at heart.

Students who identify themselves as radicals oppose everything that administration come up with. Sometimes, they oppose blindly even when whatever the administration is proposing is logically helpful to the students they lead.

The sad thing is that this behaviour goes to the national level where we vote depending on how loud the contestant is. However, I believe that it is high time we do away with this tradition right from campus all the way to the national level.

Ronald Reagan once said that the politics of no and yes are politics of backwardness and definitely should not be practised in twenty first century. I totally agree with this assertion as a way to tackle the rot in campus and national politics.

It is important for students to understand that criticism is not always the best option. Being a critic is not the only option that a student leader has.

Having student leaders who yap insults to the Dean, the Vice-Chancellor and other varsity administrators is so backward and unreasonable. It is important for students to reason like intellectuals in order to be treated so.

The recent students election in Maasai Mara university proved that this tradition of electing hecklers and critics is about to change. The students came out in their numbers and voted for the most reasonable students.

It was calming when almost all radicals who were much known because of their ‘big mouth’ about the administration failed to clinch any seat. Those elected will have a harmonious working relationship with the administration for the good of the students.

I strongly believe that criticism is good but sometimes reasoning is better.

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