Why You’re Struggling To Focus On Your Work (And What To Do About It)

Before you start your university course, you have high expectations for yourself. You imagine that you’re going to be in the library all day long, studying hard for all your courses and getting the best grades you possibly can.

Then, when you eventually get there, something different and unexpected happens. You wind up spending the majority of your time doing things other than the work itself.

What’s going on here? Why are you struggling so much to focus on your work? And what can you do about it so that you avoid flunking out?

The Work Doesn’t Engage You

For some people, the issue is the work itself. Before taking the course, you imagine that you will find it interesting because you enjoyed some aspects of the subject in the past. But when it comes to studying, you find that it’s way less engaging than you imagined. It’s just not interesting for you anymore.

Usually, a lack of interest isn’t the subject matter itself, but how you’re framing it. You might find, for instance, that your college is shoehorning you into a particular perspective on a topic. Instead of getting angry about it, try to see it as an opportunity to learn about opposing views so that you can strengthen your own ideas.

If the problem is the difficulty level, then try breaking things down into simpler chunks. Give yourself as many small wins as you can so that you can construct the bigger picture over time.

You’re Finding Reading Too Straining

Sometimes, academic work is physically straining, discouraging you from doing it. If you literally can’t see the words on the page, it’s a sign you need better glasses. With an easy click here, you can learn more about the types of lenses you might need.

Another option if you’re struggling to read is to rely more on online materials. Your browser allows you to zoom in on pages, making the writing bigger so that you can see it more clearly.

If you have to read paper articles or textbooks, do so in a well-lit room and make sure your optician has given you the right prescription.

You’re Not Leading A Lifestyle Conducive To Work

It’s hard enough focusing on your academic work all day when you’re fresh and energetic. It’s even more difficult after a night of partying on the town. Work is the last thing you want to do the next day.

Many students lead lifestyles that make it more challenging to work. They go to bed late, eat all the wrong food, and fail to get enough physical activity. Not having enough energy might be a function of the way that you’re living. You can’t do effective academic work and subsist on junk food at the same time. The body and mind don’t work that way.

Try replacing your regular meals with something wholesome and straightforward – at least during the week. And, if you can, take part in at least one exercise class per week – more if you can.

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