Will ‘Being Bahati’ be a Hit or a Flop? Tune in to NTV this Sunday

Bahati has grown over the years to establish a brand around him and regardless of the competition within the gospel industry, the musician has maintained his tempo.

The gospel hit-maker has belted out some of the best gospel music in modern Kenya and has been one of the few artists who have influenced the Kenyan pop culture.

His level of influence over the Kenyan youth is beyond measure judging from the fact that he managed to redefine the meaning of “prayer partner” within no time when he defined his then girl friend as his prayer partner.

He has not shied away from controversy especially with his arch-nemesis Willy Paul battling for relevance within the Kenyan gospel industry.

Many has been the rumor that Bahati married an older lady when she was pregnant with his children to avoid backlash from the public.

Being Bahati will perhaps add to the success of the “Bahati dynasty” or maybe it will be the end of it especially judging from the failures of past Gospel Reality TV shows.

For instance, Grammy award-winning gospel group, Mary Mary did a self-titled show “Mary Mary” on We TV that delved deep into their personal lives and exposed their inner struggles including infidelity, flaring tempers and many unsavory things.

Inevitably the TV series mired the perfect gospel image that the world had of Mary Mary.

However, secular Reality TV has been a hit around the globe with The Kardashians and WAGS leading the bandwagon of successful reality TV shows.

As we all tune in to NTV tonight for the premier of Being Bahati what will linger on our mind is whether this is the start of something big for Bahati and Reality TV in Kenya or just another flopped trial.

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