Women are Equally Sexual Beings who Deserve Respect

She was beautiful; that I must admit. She had a unique face and a type of beauty that made many recognize her without putting much effort.

And you know what comes with such beauty, lots of attention from both genders, cutting through all age groups. And so they used her beauty to judge her. They branded her a “slay Queen”.

She was a queen, yes and her slaying game was on point. But she was a beauty with brains but most people didn’t get this. And sexual harassment was a part of her life. Maybe she didn’t give it much thought or maybe she didn’t want to stress about it or maybe just a maybe she enjoyed.

Was she raped? No, she wasn’t but men stripped her naked with their eyes every microsecond. They lustfully desired her. Some went to the extent of touching her in the name of “jam ya watu” without her consent.

She is used to everyone calling her ‘size yangu” in the streets. From the bodaboda rider to the makanga and to that successful old man in that Range Rover. They all fight to have a taste of her.

Yesterday I watched a tout grab her butt. I could see the confusion on her face, she didn’t know whether to fight back, scream or just ignore him and walk away.

But do you know what the society would do if she tried fighting back? Everyone will say it’s her fault. They will try coming up with all sort of explanations to protect the man from this awful act. They will say it was her fault. Maybe her skirt was too tight, maybe the man was not in his good senses, maybe she tempted the man or maybe she wanted to be grabbed.

They won’t mind about how traumatising that can be. All they do is protect the man for his evil act and say he is a sexual being. Not knowing even us females, are sexual beings who need to be respected.

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