World Contraception Day: 5 Apps to track your periods and have safe sex

Track your periods

Today 26th September, 2018 is World Contraception Day and we at The Campus Lady Magazine understand that comrades have sex. However, periods on the other hand are a normal life phenomenon for ladies and therefore we must find ways to manage them.

However, there are many benefits to tracking your menstrual cycle. These include having better overall health and a safe sex life. Knowing your fertile window and scheduling sex accordingly can save you from unwanted pregnancy.

Therefore, on this World Contraception Day, we share with you five apps that you can use to effectively track your periods.

Being able to track your periods well enables you to have safe sex and even enjoy it more without any worry of pregnancy.


This free mobile app helps you plan or prevent your pregnancy based on your menstrual cycle by using the Dynamic Optimal Timing (DOT) method.

The app informs you if you are in risk for conception rating it low, medium or high.

The app has a pretty accurate period tracker, keeps a record of symptoms and moods during your cycle and also lets you share this information with your doctor.

My Calendar

This extremely elegant and easy-to-use mobile application is available free on Google Playstore.

The app helps women to keep track of their periods, cycle, ovulation and fertile days.

Campus ladies are often concerned about unwanted pregnancies and therefore this app enables you understand the regularity of their periods and therefore reduces chances of conception.

The app is able to track both regular and irregular periods, weight, temperature, mood, blood flow and symptoms.


This period-tracking app is the most gender-neutral application out there, so no flowers, no pink butterflies.

This means that even your boyfriend can have this application on their phone and help you out without feeling embarrassed.

Clue gives you information on your ovulation days; apart from this it also helps you with health logs, frequency of exercise, moods, menstrual flow and cervical fluid.

Additionally, it can predict your next three cycles accurately, along with the symptoms. This way you can always be prepared.

My Menstrual Diary

This app is very simple and easy to use and helps you monitor your periods and determine the date of ovulation as well as the fertile period.

What’s more, the app gives you an opportunity to write your personal health notes into the app. The various functionalities of this app can be switched on and off depending on the user’s needs.


This smart little app not only tracks your fertility and ovulation, but also learns things about you – such as whether you’re trying to get pregnant etc.

It also helps those undergoing fertility treatments like IVF and IUI with fertility insights to time their treatment well.

You can also set reminders about your medications and contraception.

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