#WorldAidsDay: Know your Status

The world marks its 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Alongside the celebration, Social Media platforms are awash with tributes of the 41st president of America’s life, George H.W. Bush who clocked the end at 94 years. Farewell Bush!

Did you know that 1 in every 4 people with HIV/AIDS is unaware they have it? To change these statistics, let’s embolden each other by creating awareness as well as eliminating the stigma associated with the disease.

On this day, we celebrate the achievements that have been marked in the fight against AIDS over the years, honour all those who have lost their lives and most importantly give our unbiased support to those currently living with the disease.

We need to put up a united front, not only in the virtual world but show the same to the real people in our lives. Besides, we can’t take down an enemy if we are against each other, can we?

With its bold theme of Know Your Status, this year, people worldwide are encouraged to throng Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) centres and get tested. It is free. It only takes a matter of minutes which has a lifetime impact.

Moreover, you are sure to get more information on the big disease with a small name as well as how you can shield yourself from it. VCTs also offer pre and post testing counselling services to all.

Counselling was introduced in a bid to curb post testing problems which is why health workers are required to provide comprehensive knowledge on HIV during pre-testing counselling.

These efforts have reaped positive results as seen in recent years. More and more people battle the disease head on instead of letting it take charge of their lives despite challenges here and there.

A self test kit is now available for those who will be unable to master the courage to visit the centres. Do not worry about counselling as the free toll number 1190, will offer you all the information you need.

Knowing your status means you will be making bolder decisions as you know where you are. Being in the light increases your potential to move forward than being engulfed in the darkness of ignorance.

Encourage your family, friends within and out of your circle that knowing their statuses is a win-win. Negative? Lock it out. Positive? Get on Antiretroviral (ARV) therapy and weaken it by living positively.

Let’s have a test day out!

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